2.0 is Rolling Out🙂

Hey it’s Subhendu here with 2.0. Yes it’s 2.0 because i just optimised my blog speed and brought a new server. So here it is. And this post is basically about my blog details and some messages to old readers 🙂.


1st thing is about my server. So i did some benchmark research and found‘s servers are best for starters 👍. So i brought their new plan which is High Frequency VPS of $12 + free Plesk Web Admin Control panel from them.

Provider :

Plan : High Frequency $12

Control Panel : Plesk Web Admin

If you want a server from them then check it out via my Affiliate link and you will get $100 Signup Bonous for 1month.

Blog Configuration

2nd is my blog for which i am using WordPress obviously. But in backend i use Apaches + Negiex , Latest PHP, WordPress tool kit by Plesk and Mysql. And for CDN i am using Cloudflare.


Now in WordPress theme i am using BoxStyle which is perfect i think. Yes i am not using any primium theme.


And in WordPress Plugin i am using a lot of it. So below is the list

  • Jetpack
  • Google Site Kit
  • AMP for WP
  • Akismet Anti-Spam
  • Alx Extensions (for Theme)
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • OneSignal Push Notifications
  • Rank Math SEO
  • Regenerate Thumbnails
  • Smush
  • WP Fastest Cache
  • WP-PageNavi

So that’s it. I know it’s not good or anything but i like it so i am not gonna to change it. With these things my blog also getting good speed than privious one. Here are the results.

Performance Results:

Gtmatrix Result

Gtmatrix Result

Pingdom Test

Pingdom Test

Pagespeed Google Test

Pagespeed Google Test


But it may be change after putting AdSense. So let me know in comment below should put AdSense or do affiliate? 🤔


I don’t know i am not going gain traffic or not but i am pretty sure i can help some people out🤠. So if you are new make sure you subscribed via email or via notification bell 🔔.


So there is no final thoughts let’s just do it. 😛




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