Install Google Chrome Browser on Ubuntu 20.04 Fixed

As you know Google Chrome is world’s most popular Browser. Because it is fast, secure and full of features to give you the best browsing experience.

As Google Chrome is not an open-source and if you try to install Google Chrome from Ubuntu Software Center, its not present there. It will suggest installing Chromium (the open source project Chrome is derived from). Chromium is similar to Chrome but it’s still not the real Google Chrome.

Then how i can install it?

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Installing Google Chrome On Ubuntu

There are two ways you can install Google Chrome On Ubuntu

  1. Graphical Method
  2. Command Line Or Terminal Method

So lets know how to do one by one.

1) Graphical Method:

Installing Chrome by using this method is very easy. To make it more easier i will put screenshot in every steps.


  • 1st thing is you need to have 64-bit OS because 32-bit not supported.
  • You need to have an active internet connection
  • You need To have a Browser.


Go to Google Chrome’s website.

Then click on Download Chrome button.

Download Google Chrome

Download Google Chrome

Now chose .deb option because Ubuntu is based on Debian.

Google Chrome Download Option

Google Chrome Download Option

Now Click On Accept and Install

Downloaded .deb File

Downloaded .deb File

After download complete double click to open the file with Software Centre.

install google chrome ubuntu

install google chrome ubuntu

Then click on Install


It will ask for your password before starting the installation. You should enter your account’s password. It should take less than a minute for completing the Google Chrome installation. You should see a remove option now which indicates that the software is installed.

installation Complited

installation Complited

Now your installation completed now you can use chrome on Ubuntu.

But some users are having problem with method so i suggest you should go for Command Line or Terminal Method

2) Command Line Method

Many newbies think command and working with terminal is very tough. But it’s not just serach for the thing you want and you will get commands then just past it to you terminal. It’s that easy. So don’t worry about command i will put it here just copy and paste it yo your terminal.



  • Ubuntu system
  • Internet Connection


1st open your terminal

To open press CTRL + ALT +  T

OR  Right Click on your mouse and select the option Open Terminal.

Open Terminal Ubuntu

Open Terminal Ubuntu

Now follow the command below:


It will download the .deb file.


Now you can install it using dpkg. Just paste the below code.

sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

It will ask your password to continue just type your password and hit Enter then the installation will start. After competition check your application list you will find Google Chrome. ?


Have a Nice Browsing. ?


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