How to Execute .Run File Ubuntu 20.04

I Installed Ubuntu 20.04 today and 1st thing i needed to install XAMPP. So downloaded the installation file and which is a .run file. Then there are some problem i found during installing but i fixed it. But if you don’t know how to do it then follow the 2 steps  to execute .run file on Ubuntu. And make sure you Subscribed me get updated with our latest post.

How To Execute .run File?

Whenever i try to Execute the .run file it shows me that “Could Not Display .run File” and there is no application installed to execute this file.

Could Not Display .Run File

Could Not Display .Run File

But let me tell you something that you can execute this file without any other application and its very easy. so Lets know How To do That.

Step-1:{ Allow The Executing file as Program}

On ubuntu may be By default a .run file is only a file not a program file. So 1st you need to give permission to execute as a program.

So to do that Go To File Folder

Right Click On Your File >> Select Properties >> Select Permission >> Now Tik the Allow executing as program.

Allow To execute .run File as program 3

Allow To execute .run File as program 3

Now you can Execute your .run file but wait now some application need root access to execute and how to do that? Just don’t worry that’s why i told you in two steps.

Step-2:{ Run As Root Or Administrator}

If your program needs root access then you have to go to Terminal so how to do that?

Well go to the folder where your .run file is. Now Open that folder in terminal.

open in terminal

open in terminal

Now just run your application

sudo ./

Now the Execution process will start. Good Luck for your New Installed Software….

If you are facing any problem then comment me below i will help you out.


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